Garment care

Care Instructions

We love our clothes here at Sugarhill and we want you to love yours too and wear them at their best for as long as possible. We’ve collated some helpful hints and tips to help you care for your garments. Before checking any details below it is always strongly recommended that you follow the care instructions, these can be found on the product’s inner label.


Check the care label to ensure you wash at the correct temperature for your garment – generally speaking, a cotton cycle, synthetics cycle, wool cycle or delicates cycle. Keep light colours and dark colours separate when washing. Avoid overloading your washing machine, we all hate laundry but trying to wash lots of clothes in one go can lead to the clothing becoming damaged. To better protect prints and all garments in general from fading it is advisable to wash your items inside out to protect the fabric surface during washing. Garments face their most wear and tear during washing so the less you wash the item the longer it will stay looking new. It is advisable to use appropriate 'colour' detergents on all hand or machine washable garments, unless otherwise stated on the care label, to prevent bleaching and colour loss. Where hand washing is advised, please use a product designed for washing delicates, cool to warm water and a soft movement of the garment concentrating only on the dirtiest areas.

Care Label Guide


Line drying is the safest way to dry your clothes, pin the item up carefully or use a lightweight hanger to get the best shape. Tumble drying?! – We never advise tumble-drying. This can shrink clothes that shouldn't be dried this way. If you’ve hand washed an item we advise that you hang it from a hanger to dry unless it’s knitwear, which should be dried flat (on top of a clothes horse for example) to avoid stretching. Spin dry delicates in a pillowcase after hand washing, if you need to, to avoid a very wet floor while drying!


We dislike ironing so the majority of our clothes if hung to dry should not develop creases and items which do can usually be hung up for a day or so in which time the creases will ‘drop out’. First look at the care label. Many of our garments are not suitable for ironing. Now look at the care label again… If you don’t use the right temperature you may find it severely damages the item. Choose the heat the care label suggests. It is advised to iron on part of the garment that doesn't normally show, to ensure the temperature is right – if the garment develops a sheen STOP you iron is too hot. Ironing with a clean tea towel between the iron and your garment can be a safe, easy option when unsure. If in any doubt simply hanging your garment in the bathroom while you shower will usually remove any creases.

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